Pluridio Treasury Sales System

Our solutions support Treasury sales and real-time reporting at counterparty and portfolio levels. We integrate dispersed data in a singular decision-making support tool for the Treasury Sales desk of commercial banks.

How is Pluridio TSS benefiting you

Unlock the growth potential of Treasury sales by extracting more value from a client-centric business model. Stay ahead of the competition, both in fee and client experience.

Activity control and management across all levels and geographies.

Informed decision-making with complete and up-to-date business-critical information.

Improved client experience with precise data at hand for faster personalized service.

Reduced workload of Treasury staff with full automatization of repetitive manual tasks.

Real-time pricing parameters management at different granularity levels.

Accelerated integration of new client portfolios following M&A.

Informational leverage shielded against data loss and employee turnover.

Centralized collaborative platform for managing expectations and outcomes of Treasury sales activity across the organization.

Pluridio TSS is tailored to the day-to-day Treasury sales needs

Clients and portfolios management

Captures client, transaction, and market data through integration with separate product-oriented bank systems in a low-latency manner and consolidates it with subjective knowledge gathered by the sales teams to support personalized service.

Get to know your client better

Provides instant synthetic information dashboards along touchpoints with the client (i.e., during phone calls for operational time-sensitive execution of orders, online meetings, in preparation for in-person meetings, with the possibility of getting instantly deeper into analytics) or when conducting client and portfolio level assessments.

Real-time reporting

Automatically builds real-time updated metrics & reports regarding clients and portfolio performance dynamics, vectors of change per geographies and business lines, pricing asymmetries - deviations from business rules, budget realization year-to-date, staff activity vs. KPIs, etc.

All information stored in the same place

Enables a singular collaborative platform for managing expectations and outcomes of Treasury sales activity across the organization.

Client interactions management: voice and electronic communication repository, in-person meetings memo & associated tasks, and contracts repository.

Pipeline management of existing and prospective clients.

Segregated user roles, Active Directory integration, and full audit trail of user interventions.

Coverage of client segments and groups of clients, multi-dimensional reporting, and budgeting.

Alert Center - an expert feature

Early warning system for swift and precise detection at scale of business events and staff review of edge cases.

Engages the treasury sales team with alerts, notifications for user-defined or pre-configured checkpoints, upcoming events, exceptions from business rules, and event-triggered calls for action like out-of-the-ordinary client behavior patterns.

Empowers the Treasury Sales team to defend in near real-time the Treasury revenue base – client retention, and to maximize the potential of new revenue origination – cross-sell, up-sell, and acquire new clients.

Automate the processes of identifying transactional client patterns and of signaling to the system’s users about significant deviations from historical or preset thresholds.

Mitigates the risk of missing critical events of clients’ journey with the bank and sales policy compliance events due to sales staff work overload.

The system user defines the alerting rules and their sensitivity parameters based on data captured by Pluridio TSS.

Completely removes the low-skill task of manually investigating client transactional behavior patterns and compliance events, allowing the Sales team to be proactive in building client relationships.

The final scope is to minimize the duration of business decision cycles by shortcutting the time to originate the calls to action that the Sales team will handle.

“As a Treasury Dealer, when a customer calls to ask for a quote, the Pluridio platform has all the integrated info and can come up with a price, all things considered.”

Svetoslav Velinov, MBA, CFA
Head of Treasury and Capital Markets, DSK Bank Sofia, Bulgaria