Expand treasury sales while mitigating operational and regulatory risks

Pluridio software solutions provide any bank treasury with increased control and efficiency in their sales, operational, and compliance activities.

Who is it for

A critical tool to improve client retention and tap into new sales, Pluridio is specifically developed for Treasury Bank departments. Our solutions increase efficiency and revenue growth while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Treasury management software

Treasury management software

Designed by and for Treasury bank professionals, our solutions provide organizations with a sales support system, MiFID II compliance systems, and the infrastructure to automate trade execution that maintains market leadership while continuing to grow treasury front office operations.

By Treasury Salespeople for Treasury Salespeople

By Treasury Salespeople for Treasury Salespeople

With over ten years of experience, we have developed, and managed systems that help local and global banks grow their businesses and establish regulatory compliance. We offer best-practice suggestions and software technology to close gaps in client service, eradicate inefficiencies and maximize productivity.

Full range of bank treasury services

Full range of bank treasury services

We assist with expertise and tools for simplifying transaction flows and automating sales and compliance management tasks. Pluridio treasury solutions integrate flawlessly with other internal systems of the bank, with minimal involvement from the bank’s IT team.

Our solutions

Pluridio Treasury Sales System

A specialized Front-Office CRM system that supports Treasury sales and real-time reporting at counterparty and portfolio levels. It enables efficiency and revenue growth of the Treasury Sales activity while ensuring compliance with regulatory and business policies.

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Pluridio Compliance System MIFID II

A cross-organization back-end regulatory solution for managing bank client classifications, records keeping, and avoidance of conflict of interest under MiFID II, tailored to the bank’s specifications to fully comply with internal procedures and workflows.

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Pluridio Omni-Channel

A pricing engine for the distribution of personalized Treasury services across all bank channels and client-end digital trading platforms, designed to support the growth of treasury business. It enables direct orders and execution of transactions with multiple financial instruments.

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Scale your infrastructure with Pluridio's solutions

Customer Journey

We empower banks to transform their Treasury business and compliance and deliver optimized experiences to bank clients and staff.

With best practices and experience in mind, we carefully evaluate the business goals and tailor the path for implementation while long-term committing to driving business outcomes. We see ourselves as agents of change and strategic partners to drive the Treasury model transformation, uniquely combining domain expertise and technical mastery.



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We provide essential resilience and agility tools for bank Treasuries to stay ahead of the competition or challenge the status quo.


Banks find in Pluridio a trusted partner in expanding their sales operations safely. Security is one of our top priorities.

We exclusively provide on-premises installation for complete security and control of the bank upon data in the systems. Thus, all data is located within the bank infrastructure.

User roles control access to systems through Active Directory integration and access permissions for business-specific functions and sensitive data. Complete audit trailing of user interventions is a default functionality.

Based on service-oriented and server-client decoupled architecture, the functionalities are exposed using secure and reusable services that can be accessed simultaneously by all user workstations.