Tap into new sales with Pluridio Solutions

We come from, and know well the bank’s treasury business. Our solutions offer consolidated and programmable data from diverse legacy systems and data streaming services for improved efficiency and revenue growth. We provide scalable solutions with new functionalities under the complete control of the bank.

Pluridio Treasury Sales System

A specialized Front-Office CRM system that supports Treasury sales and real-time reporting at counterparty and portfolio levels. It enables efficiency and revenue growth of the Treasury Sales activity while ensuring compliance with regulatory and business policies.
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Pluridio Compliance System MIFID II

A cross-organization back-end regulatory solution for managing bank client classification, records keeping, and avoidance of conflict of interest under MiFID II, tailored to the bank’s specifications to fully comply with internal procedures and workflows.
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Pluridio Omni-Channel

A pricing engine for the distribution of personalized Treasury services across all bank channels and client-end digital trading platforms, designed to support the growth of treasury business. It enables direct orders and execution of multiple financial services.
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Mitigate modern-day challenges

Pluridio knows banks need a trusted partner to help them solve modern-day challenges. Regulatory pressures, weak credit demand, low growth, and a low-interest rates environment have changed how treasury sales operate. Revenue is under constant pressure, and efficiency is the next logical step to maintaining profitability.

Price is no longer the deciding factor

In the context of information commoditization, the client is compelled to use other indicators when choosing services: business models emphasizing client experience and solutions will prevail over others.

We provide essential resilience and agility tools for bank Treasuries to stay ahead of the competition or challenge the status quo.