Pluridio Omni-Channel

A live pricing engine for personalized distribution of Treasury services across all bank channels and client-end digital trading platforms, designed to support the growth of treasury business.

Understanding trends is keeping ahead.

Live Pricing Engine

Democratized access in a commoditized market with high availability of alternatives, standardized information and price discovery, demography, and social changes, led to rising expectations of client service and value, along with ephemeral loyalty. Consequently, superior client experience or personalized low-friction banking is the critical subjective value for banks to stand out of the crowd.

Pluridio offers a quoting algorithm that enhances the bank’s existing digital channels – Internet & Mobile banking platform – to compute real-time personalized rates offered to bank clients, tailored per multiple price variables at counterparty, transaction, and instrument type levels.

The in-scope set of instruments is limited by the intrinsic technological limitation of typical payment platforms.

Expand your business operations without additional costs

Offer your clients personalized prices through the existing bank’s digital distribution channels.

Meet the expectations of technology-literate clients for personalized banking without adding a new friction layer to their relationship.

Manage pricing parameters through Pluridio TSS to make a real-time impact on clients’ quoted rates.

Maximize the potential of available resources by taking advantage of the bank’s digital platforms as a distribution channel without impacting operational workflows and the visual interface of the clients.

Match the distribution methods of leading banks and FinTechs for the most traded financial instrument in the market with a fraction of the investment cost in a white-label trading platform.

Provide automatically customized offers to your clients

Automatically calculates real-time price for the transaction ticket originated by the client in the internet or mobile banking platform, according to the preferential margins set in Pluridio TSS.

The rate calculation considers the prevailing market rate, internal thresholds, or standard rates.

All functionalities of the bank’s internet or mobile banking platforms are preserved, such as security, immediate and broad availability access, and instant settlement of transactions.

Pluridio Trading System

Web & Mobile Trading Platforms

Pluridio enables regional and local banks to accelerate time to business and unlock the market potential, thus recording a more rapid return on their investment with a capped cost of scalability.

We offer a white-label client-end trading platform for transactions and orders with multiple financial instruments, built under HTML5 responsive design technology, and mobile app versions for Android / iOS devices, that banks can offer to their clients.

One solution, multiple benefits

Exponential scalability with no additional variable costs related to the number of transactions, orders, or clients utilizing the platforms.

Provide an omnichannel experience to bank clients when the Live Pricing Engine is integrated with legacy digital channels for the same personalized service across all the digital channels.

Manage pricing parameters in a manner that makes a real-time impact on client quoted rates.

Add new instruments in the system to facilitate retention of client base flows and to acquire new clients.

Improve the efficiency of the Treasury sales team, reduce workload, and save time to concentrate on sales as price parameters setting or authorizing users to trade are concluded with minimal effort directly in the Pluridio system. At the same time, MiFID II Client classification is directly performed by the client in the trading platform when integrated with Pluridio Compliance System MiFID II.

Unlock new market opportunities

Supported financial instruments: FX Today, Tom, Spot, Forward, Non-Deliverable Forward, FX Spot, Term Deposit, Bonds/Treasury Bills on primary and secondary markets, simple and conditional FX Orders.

An unlimited number of clients and related pricing schemes, transactions, orders, confirmations, and notifications are sent.

Dynamically updated pricing referenced either to live market rates, internal thresholds, or standard rates of the bank.

Personalized pricing at different granularity levels such as client, group of clients, business segments, and per multiple dimensions – asset, notional, trade direction, etc.

Straight-through-processing by integration with the core banking system and treasury management systems.

Pre-trade checks of account balance, treasury limit outstanding, user permissions and limits.

Single-Sign-On, management of authorized users and access rights through integration with the bank systems, management of instrument permissions through Pluridio Compliance System MiFID II – Client Classification.