About Us

Sustainable Treasury sales growth from an expert inside knowledge

Pluridio is an innovative enabler in the regional FinTech market and a top business software and services provider.

Our products assist commercial banks in their operational expansion by providing sales support and regulatory compliance tools.

Our track record of implementations demonstrates our in-depth knowledge of the unique business procedures used by the Banks’ Treasury divisions.

Banks’ Treasury Sales have become more strategic and account for a heavier share in revenue origination. However, the workload and high expectations have made it challenging to follow critical points in the client journey with the bank. Our solutions provide a sales support system for organizations that will enable them to stay ahead of the market while further growing their treasury front-office business.

Insider expertise/Expert inside knowledge

Designed by Bank Treasury sales experts, Pluridio knows the needs of other Treasury professionals and recognizes the challenges of the process. Regulatory pressures, weak credit demand, and low growth have forced banks to focus on non-interest income.

Sustainable Treasury sales growth

Our systems encompass the core of the Banks’ Treasury sales activities and leverage technology to improve profitability and internal processes. Our solutions improve client satisfaction and retention, reduce operational risks, and increase the number of transactions. We strive to provide our clients with complete services, allowing professionals in the treasury departments to spend their time and efforts more efficiently.

We treasure

Exceptional client service

Exceptional client service

We are client-centric and invest in long-term relationships with our collaborators. We offer personalized solutions for each institution and constantly improve our solutions by listening to our clients.

Inside expertise

Inside expertise

Our solutions are designed by experienced professionals in the banking field, helping financial institutions maximize the potential of their existing resources. Technological tools make it easier to manage daily operations in the treasury departments.



Our solutions are built from the ground up, without cutting corners, by dedicated and knowledgeable specialists in the banking field.

The most significant asset, our team

Marius Ionescu and Cristian Ioniță, two banking industry specialists, set out in 2013 to transform how Bank Treasury sales are conducted. They developed a completely integrated system that was tailored to the banks’ requirements after realizing that the Treasury departments of banks lack digitalization, which makes the work of treasurers more challenging. Their wide-ranging experience enabled them to comprehend the market and have a unique perspective on the development and improvement of products designed to meet the needs of the consumers.

Marius Ionescu, CEO

With over 20 years of experience in Bank Treasury sales, Marius Ionescu is the CEO and co-founder of Pluridio. He was a part of introducing and developing derivative transactions in Romania at several local and regional banks and carried out a significant share of market transactions involving derivative financial instruments.

With a sound background in the Bank Treasury ecosystem, it came naturally to Marius to create an innovative solution that handles tedious activities and enables Commercial Banks’ Treasuries to manage their resources efficiently and increase sales.

Cristian Ioniță, Chief Architect

Co-founder of Pluridio and Chief Architect, Cristian Ioniță has more than 20 years of experience in the banking technology field.

In addition to creating products and solutions for banks and insurance companies across the US, he designed and developed the first depository systems for the Bucharest Stock Exchange, demonstrating his expertise in the field. For 18 years, Cristian has inspired younger generations by lecturing and creating courses in Statistics, Cybernetics, and Computer Science Faculty within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Ovidiu Kislaposi, CPO

With over 13 years of experience in the banking field, Ovidiu Kișlapoși had an essential role in product development and agile transformation of top Romanian banks such as BCR and ING, but also in the development of software products within EPAM, a Fortune IT&S 100. Ovidiu’s role at Pluridio is to develop and implement product strategies and to come up with technical solutions to complement the current offerings so that the company can fully meet the needs of its clients and access new markets.

Ionuț Grama, Non-executive Advisor to Board of Directors

Ionuț Grama supports company’s growth by mentoring the senior leadership team on most critical business areas like sales strategy, sales force development and international expansion. Ionut has the practical knowledge and the skill set that Pluridio needs to optimize its go-to-market objectives and accelerate its revenue growth.

ionut grama

Andrei Flucuș, CTO

Andrei brings his extensive expertise in the IT sector after more than 17 years of dedicated service, specializing in leading development teams of enterprise software for various global companies, including Metrosystems, Luxoft, Deutsche Bank, and ING Hubs Romania.

Cezar Trandafirescu, CBDO

With almost 20 years of experience in the Financial and Banking field, Cezar Trandafirescu joined our team as Chief Business Development Officer. Understanding the needs and wants of bank treasury departments, Cezar has been involved in developing new systems and enhancing existing ones to ensure that our solutions meet clients’ business needs and encourage a higher rate of adoption in their daily operations.

With a unique solution comes a remarkable team. Experts in various industries, including technology systems, product development, Bank Treasury sales, and project management, make Pluridio.

We are constantly growing, driven by technology innovation and a customer-centric approach. Mutual values and synergistic vision strengthen our teamwork and enable an exciting and dynamic work environment.